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民间故事|The Story of Robinson Crusoe(Part 2)

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Thus years and years passed away. Although I had, to some extent, become contented1 with my solitary2 lot, yet at times a terrible sense of loneliness and desolation would come over me. Many times I would go to the TOP of a hill where I could look out to sea in hopes of catching3 sight of a ship. Then I would fancy that, at a vast distance, I spied a sail. I would please myself with the hopes of it, and after looking at it steadily4, till I was almost blind, would lose it quite, and sit down and weep like a child, and thus increase my misery5 by my folly6.
But one day I saw a sight which turned my thoughts in a new channel. It was the print of a naked foot upon the sand near the shore. It filled me with fear, for it showed that the island must sometimes be visited by savages7.
One morning, going out quite early, I could see the light of a fire about two miles away. I went to the TOP of the hill and looked in the direction of the fire. I saw that five canoes were drawn8 up on the shore, while a swarm9 of naked savages were dancing about the fire. Presently they dragged two poor wretches10 from the boats. One of them was knocked down at once, and several of the savages set to work to cut him up. They were evidently cannibals, and were going to hold one of their horrible feasts on their captives. The other captive was left standing11 for a moment, and seeing a chance to escape, started to run. I was greatly alarmed when I saw that he was coming directly toward me, but when I saw that only two pursued him, and that he gained upon them, I made up my mind to help him. When they were near enough, I took a short eut down the hill, and placed myself between pursuers and pursued. Then I advanced on the foremost, and knocked him down with the stock of my gun. The other took his bow and was going to shoot me, when I fired at him and killed him. Then I made signs to the poor runaway12 to come to me, and he did so in fear and trembling, kneeling at my feet and setting my foot upon his head, as a sign that he was my slave.
I had now a companion, and in a short time I began to teach him to speak to me. First I let him know that his name was to be Friday, for that was the day I saved his life. Then I taught him everything that I thought would make him useful, handy, and helpful. I clothed him in a suit made of goatskins, and he seemed to be greatly pleased to be dressed like myself.
After some time had passed over, Friday came running to me one morning to say that there was a ship in sight. Welcome as this news was, I thought I would not show myself until I could learn what had brought the ship there, and it was well that I did not. I watched in concealment13 and saw a boat leave the ship and make for the shore. Eleven men landed, and I saw that three of them were bound as captives. They were laid upon the ground while the rest dispersed14 about the island. I approached the captives and questioned them, and found they were English, that one was the captain, and the others were the mate and a passenger, and that there had been a mutiny on the ship, and that the men, as a favor, instead of killing15 them, were going to leave them on the island.
I offered to aid them to recover the ship, and going back to the castle, I brought guns and gave them to them. When the men returned to the boat we shot two, who the captain said were the leaders, and the rest, taken by surprise, yielded to us. The captain made them swear that they would obey him faithfully, and then returned to the ship. Those on board were equally surprised at the turn affairs had taken, and when one of the worst was killed, were glad to return to their duty. Then the captain came back to the island, and told me that the ship and all that he had was at my service, in return for what I had done for him. I told him that all I asked was a free passage for Friday and myself back to England. To this he gladly assented16. He provided me with clothing from his own wardrobe, and after I had arranged all my affairs, Friday and I went aboard. Thus, I left the island, twenty-eight years, two months, and nineteen days after I had landed upon it.
Three days after we set sail, we saw a great fleet of small boats, full of savages, come paddling toward us as if to attack us. I told Friday to go on deck and speak to them in his own language; but he had no sooner spoken than they let fly a cloud of arrows at him, three of which hit him, and the poor fellow fell dead. In a rage, I ordered the ship's guns to be fired into the fleet. Half of the canoes were destroyed, while the rest scoured17 away so fast that in a short time none of them could be seen. Poor honest Friday we buried in the sea, with all the honor possible. So ended the life of the most grateful, faithful, and affectionate servant that ever man had.
And now there is little more to tell. I arrived safely in England, glad to be back in my old home once more, and desiring nothing but to spend the rest of my days in peace and quietness.

The Story of Robinson Crusoe

民间故事|The Story of Robinson Crusoe(Part 2)

民间故事|The Story of Robinson Crusoe(Part 2)



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