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  下面是小编整理的一些关于than的用法的总结, 希望能帮助大家更好地认识than这个单词,提高英语水平。

  一、more/ less/ adj+er than


  (1) 主语比较

  1.1 than前若有宾语,则其后的助词需补出,时态要据后定。主语相同可省

  1. The pay of senior executives increased in 1990 by a larger percentage than did the wages of other salaried workers.

  2. As a result of the continuing decline in the birth rate, fewer people will enter the labor force in the 1980’s than did in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a twenty-year period during which people born after the war swelled the ranks of workers. (主语people相同且无定语成分则省之,但did不能省)

  3. Several studies have found that the coronary patients who exercise most actively are at least fifty percent less likely than those who are sedentary to die of a heart attack.(主语相同且有定语成分,必须要that/those来指代)

  1.2 than前只有BE + ADJ,则其后的主语无须补助词。

  1. Even though Bela Bartok’s music has proved less popular than Igor Stravinsky’s and less influential than Arnold Schonberg’s, it is no less important.

  2. In 1982 the median income for married-couple families with a wage-earning wife was $9,000 more than that for families in which only the husband was employed.

  1.3 than前有两个动词,比较主语无须补助词。


  1. A study commissioned by the Department of Agriculture showed that if calves exercise and associate with other calves, they have require less medication and gain weight more quickly than those raised in confinement.

  (2) than后名词前的介词要补出

  1. Aging is a property of all animals that reach a fixed size at maturity, and the variations in life spans among different species are far greater than those among individuals of the same species: a fruit fly is ancient at 40 days, a mouse at 3 years, a horse at 30, a man at 100, and some tortoises at 150. 介宾的比较。

  2. The investor who is uncertain about the future is more likely to put money into blue-chip stocks or treasury bills than into gold.

  3. Nowhere in Prakta is the influence of modern European architecture more apparent than in its government buildings.(倒装句)

  4. The human growth hormone, made by the pituitary gland, is secreted in higher concentrations during sleep than during waking hours.

  (3) 宾语比较,一般加that/those

  1. In addition to having more protein than wheat does, rice has protein of higher quality than that in wheat, with more of the amino acids essential to the human diet. (B-p106-19)

  (4) 宾语补语,比较结构修饰宾语,无须补出助词;

  1. In his eagerness to find a city worthy of Priam, the German archaeologist Schliemann cut through Troy and uncovered a civilization a thousand years more ancient than the city known to Homer’s heroes.

  2. .Domestic automobile manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in research to develop cars even more gasoline-efficient than those at present on the road.

  3. The man was always aware, sometimes proudly and sometimes resentfully, that he was a small-town Midwesterner thrust into a world dominated by wealthier, better-educated, and more polished people than he.

  4. Bihar is India’s state, with an annual percapita income of $111 lower than that of the most impoverished countries of the world.

  5. Florida will gain another quarter-million jobs this year alone, many of them in such high-paying fields as electronics and banking, making the state’s economy far more diversified than it was ten years ago. (需要解释)

  (5) likely引导的表语比较

  1. St. John’s , Newfoundland, lies on the same latitude as Paris, France, but in spring St. John’s residents are less likely to be sitting at outdoor cafes than to be bracing themselves against arctic chills, shoveling snow, or seeking shelter from a raging northeast storm.

  2. According to a recent study, the elderly in the United States are four times more likely to give regular finacial aid to their children than to receive it from them.

  (6) 宾语+介词混合结构:

  1. Although Napoleon’s army entered Russia with far more supplies than for any previous campaign, it had provisions for only twenty-four days.

  2. Once positioned in space, the Hubble Space Telescope will capture light from source twenty times fainter than those that can be detected by ground-based instruments.

  (7) 句子的比较

  1. In Japan elderly people are treated with far greater respect than they are in most Western countries.

  2. For many travelers, сharter vacations often turn out to cost considerably more than they originally seemed.

  3. Holland spends a larger percentage of its gross national product on defending its coasts from rising seas than the United States does on military defense.句子比较

  4. Two new studies indicate that many people become obese more because their bodies burn calories too slowly than because they eat too much.

  5. Dr. Hakuta’s research among Hispanic children in the United States indicates that the more the children use both Spanish and English, the greater their intellectual advantage in skills underlying reading ability and nonverbal logic. (B-p106-7)

  (8) than ever, than anticipated/ estimated…

  1. The report on the gross national product—the nation’s total production of goods and services—showed that second-quarter inflation was somewhat lower than previously estimated and that the savings rate was slightly higher.

  2. The financial crash of October 1987 demonstrated that the world’s capital markets are more closely integrated than ever before and that events in one part of the global village may be transmitted to the rest of the village—almost instantaneously.

  (9) more than, less than 及其他。

  9.1 视同副词

  1. Founded in 1983, the magazine has since more than doubled its circulation and its advertising.

  2. The number of undergraduate degrees in engineering awarded by colleges and universities in the United States more than doubled from 1978 to 1985.


  3. Degler does more than merely summarize existing research; he constructs a coherent picture of two centuries of studies dealing with the changing roles of women.

  4. A Labor Department study states that the number of women employed outside the home increased by more than thirty-five percent in the past decade and accounted for more than sixty-two percent of the total growth in the civilian work force.

  5. Less detrimental than the effects of bacterial transformation are the effects of bacterial deterioration: spoilage of food, corrosion of metals, decay of wood, and other undesirable alternations of substances.

  6. No less remarkable than the development of the compact disc has been the use of the new technology to revitalize, in better sound than was ever before possible, some of the classic recorded performances of the pre-LP era.

  7. Even though the direct costs of malpractice disputes amounted to less than one percent of the $541 billion the nation spent on health care last year, doctors say fear of lawsuits plays a major role in health-care inflation.

  8. With total sales of less than three hundred thousand dollars and fewer new subscribers than last year, the New England Theatre Company is in danger of losing its building.

  9.2 视同形容词

  9. No less an authority than Walter Cronkite has reported that half of all Americans never read a book.

  10. IRS provision 354-B requires that an S corporation with assets of greater than $200,000 send W-2 forms to its full-and part-time employees on or before Jan.31.

  (10) 插入语

  1. The visiting pharmacologists concluded that the present amalgam of Chinese and Western medicine is probably as good as, or better than, any other system that might be devised for the patients treated at the Nan Kai hospital in Tian-jing.

  2. The use of chemical pesticides in this country is as extensive as it was ten years ago, if not more so.


  1. According to surveys by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 20 percent of young adu1ts used cоcaine in 1979, twice the number reported in the 1977 survey. 同位语

  2. Of the twin supernovas, the more recently discovered it the larger, but it is the smaller one that has irrevocably altered astronomists’ ideas about the origins of the universe.



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